Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Second Amendment

(to Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection")

Why are there so many
Guns, assault rifles
That send souls to other side?
Weapons are sacred
But is that illusion?
Are bullets sweet freedoms that fly?

What we’ve been told it’s our right to go horde ‘em
Steel barreled brawn we can keep
Logic defined by
The second amendment
The ammo
The triggers
We need

We thank the NRA
For freedoms we’re after
For sport and protection smart.
With bodies stacking up
The lobby will spin it
“People kill. Guns? No part.”

Guns for assaulting bring rabid exalting
And triggers bring glee when they squeeze
They cheer, “Protect it,
The second amendment
For country
For freedom
For me.”

Congressman, what is that smell?
We know it’s probably bullshit…

Ban all arms, not for me
But let’s curb our choices
Some think these Nazi-esque schemes
Big bangs are sweet sounds
Bring joy to old sportsmen
The same sounds that madmen will heed

We’ve seen towns weep, is this time to ignore them?
But nothing’s what we’re likely to see
Till then, endure it
The second amendment
The lovers
The haters
And me.

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