Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pleasin' with a Pun

Long time I’ve known this doctor friend
He’d lend me washer, no quarters I would spend
At times would use excessive steam
Shrunk my pants and BVD’s
Now I’ve got recessive jeans

On farm I worked both day and night
I’d milk the cows and they would never fight
I’d sit on stool and often swear
Smelly sweat and stinky hair
I would smell like dairy air.

I love words, I have fun
Life is pleasin’ with a pun
But this cheese, like the rhyme
Some may say they ain’t refined.

Phil swam with friends in deep blue sea
He was a big shrimp, with big an-tin-nee
At times he pondered right and wrong
Then one night epiph’ny dawned
(In)Game of Life, he was a prawn.

The catapult will make things fly
In olden days, large objects filled the sky
Used many things from anywhere
Tried a pig, it sailed through air
Now there’s swine flew everywhere

I love words, I have fun
Life is pleasin’ with a pun
For the swine haven’t gone
You’ll find more ham in my song.

I love words, they’re such fun
Life is pleasin’ with a pun
Have some wine with the prawn
There are more tales, then I’m gone

Winged pal from hell, made Edie glum
Her screeching bird, abusive kind of scum
But anytime the grass would grow
Bird would trim, make yard aglow
Our Edie’s meanie mynah mowed.

The sky, behold, its stars do shine
The universe expanding, can’t confine
You’ll see in orbit glowing bright
Cratered funny satellite
We see it moon us ev’ry night

Words of joy I won’t shun
Life is breezy with a pun
If a bird you will seek
Look for stylish one who’s chic

Don’t annoy, be a chum
Keep it breezy with a pun
If a line you do spawn
Put that baby in a song

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