Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spigot, It Had Died

(to Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky")

When I tried and no turn, I distressed
Water flow, no refreshment to bless
And I checked with plumber guy
Sure enough, stubborn spigot, it had died

Sure enough, stubborn spigot, it had died
(spigot it had died)
And there’s no water flow, oh my my
(oh my my)
It had died, as my plumb guy assessed
Gotta pay to replace faucet pest

Declared myself
“Repair is a must
Gonna try a hand at fix up.”
So I told the plumber guy
“I’m gonna try replacing,
Fix the spigot that had died.”

So I tried replacing my old spigot that had died
(spigot that had died)
And then my plumber guy said goodbye
(said goodbye)
Then I pried and I cussed, I confess
No tougher job to replace, faucet mess.
Hard to replace, faucet mess.

Never been a plumber
I never plumbed
I made a sink go com-bust
Water flow? No water fly.
The pressure blew it up
Sent the spigot in the sky

I blew it up, sent the spigot in the sky
(spigot in the sky)
And saw my money go, said bye bye
(said bye-bye)
So I tried but I have no finesse
And now a hole in the house I possess
Hole in the house I possess.

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