Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avoid Again, Lovely She

(to Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again, Naturally")

See that little gal from town
How her heart's blooming like a fresh flower
I wanna step up
And then fess up
And, dammit, instead I cower

I’m finding I cannot
I chide myself oft
I’m a hopeless rube
I am awkward, too
She can never like… it won’t matter

I write some lovely verse
But am cursed
Won’t sway that lady

I type this stuff,
I tear it up
My trash bag, see it’s straining

I’ll let this bird alone
A chance again I’ve blown
Avoid again
Lovely she

I think, therefore, I’m doomed to lay
I’ll avoid the light of day
Will the solitude
Fix attitude?
Or fix card I’m about to play?

But I’ll dream of life we’ve found
Harsh fallacy brings a cloud
I could make her lunch
Or a nice brunch
Red wine and assorted cheeses

Sadly, I’ve no doubt
While we’re out
We’d get too thirsty

And all those urgings, must resist
Whispers, “Undeserving.”

Chafed my power to feed
I’m folly man in need
Avoid again
Lovely she

The scenes I’ve schemed
Prepared in my heart
Floating round the girl
They can’t be blended
Life, won’t upend it
No plan’ll do.
No plan’ll do.

Avoid again
Lovely she

I’m hoping time mellows the feel
And remember less her appeal
I surrender, no bride
For I’m older guy
Always wanting, no hope appears

For a thousand-five year old
I’m damaged goods sans a soul
I’m immortal man
In a moonlit land
I’m forever damned and forsaken

Playing out the part
After dark
Make bodies broken

Must fight infernal taint in me
But blood in veins have spoken

So if she passed away
I’d die again that day
Avoid again
Lovely she

Avoid again
Lovely she

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