Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Glue®

(to Abba's "Waterloo")

Last night
At ten till two,
A cup of stew did up-ender
It flew
And glass did hit, earth gravity denied a comfortable way
Crash landing and broke near a door
I’m looking for tube in a drawer

Super Glue, glass was fra-gee-lee and on the floor
Super Glue, wanted it fixed or would never store
Super Glue, couldn’t use tape if I wanted to
Super Glue, careful repairing the broken jewel
Super Glue, happily thanking bonding tool

Then I
With glass in hand
Fell back into the blender
I flew
And I did scream, my flapping hand dislodged and then took flight
I hate an appendage to lose
I knew of a cure I could use

Super Glue, I was unhanded, blood on the floor
Super Glue, saving on gloves wouldn’t be a chore
Super Glue, making a fix is an easy do
Super Glue, sticking my wrist to my arm with you
Super Glue, happily giving my hand to you

To heck with insurance miscues
I’m handy with glue that I choose

Super Glue, pour it on breaks and on bloody spews
Super Glue, thickening agent in all fondues
Super Glue, chemical miracle superglue.

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