Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Czech Pups Coasting in an Open Dryer

(to Mel Torme's The Christmas Song)

Czech pups coasting in an open dryer
Turned, tossed flipping like some clothes
Full tide barrels, making dogs kind of tired
It floats past large type charter boats

And their furry coats are salty and soaked head to toe
Yelps won’t make a better plight
Tiny dot from the air will not show
No plane it seems will see from height

They have no lantern in their space
Tykes toting lots of toys so chewy for their play
And heaving ocean’s style is moving small fries
The scheme, no puppy floating low will get dry

And now I’m wondering, how drama plays
Will pups find land in waters blue?
They boat in appliance in the night, through the days
Hope they find land real soon.

copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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