Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pat Sajak Woman

(to Santana's Black Magic Woman)

She's a Pat Sajak woman
Letter tap magic woman
Yes, she is Pat's side kick woman
Can't believe she's fifty-three
Your haute couture ain't slack woman
Your dresses, a designer's masterpiece

Seems like a nice happy lady
And quite a hand-clapping lady
A "Won't catch my hands napping" lady
Won't find many Vanna tricks
For she's a box patting lady
Will only touch the letters that you pick

See the wheel spinning baby
What's the phrase, grinning baby?
Yes, you're the power wielding baby
Queen of game shows on your throne
You're thrilling this lad, Sajak woman
Got a sister or a clone?
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker
Vanna White is a trademark of Merv Griffin Productions

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