Wednesday, January 6, 2010


(to U2's Elevation)
Throws me for a loop
While singing oop a doop
Goodness, see her animate her rear

Hear her squeaky little quips
From her tiny, pouty lips
The scripts
They’re animation

Those oldies rock my soul
The new ones leave me cold
They’re such a poor imitation

Wry and sly,
I can’t lie
They’re tasty just like apple pie
Oh my

A mouse
Who lives inside a house
With Minnie as his spouse
Product of a crisp, creative mind

Although the plots have holes
Don’t sweat, it’s not their goal
The goal is

Rolling to the scene
Find out what it means while
Ghosts begin levitation

Scooby Doo and
Shaggy flee
I swear they’re smokin’ wacky weed
So free
The anime just give me blues
See their lips will barely move
I believe they’re pooh.
A knoll
Hunter on patrol
Rabbit takes a stroll by
Anvil flies, devastation

Our surprise
He won’t die
Our Elmer’s such a rugged guy
No lie
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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