Thursday, November 19, 2009


(to Come Together by the Beatles)

In old, cold Denmark
He see
Spiritual homey
He got
Mental meltdown
He seek
Vengeful cuttings
He got mind fixed on mom-my
Oedipus got nothing
When compared to my liege

He wear no bright clothes
He got
Killer step dad
He be
Deep in mourning
He slay
Girlfriend’s poppa
He say
To be or not to be
He descends to madness
As we see in Act III
Won’t get better
No how.

He love Opheelya
He got
Scheming in-laws
He go
Off to England
He have
Lucky ju ju
He lost
His girl, she drowned, you see.
Yorrick’s skull just listens
To his prince’s ramblings.
Nasty weather
Dark clouds.

He unprotected
He get
Stabbed with poison
His mom
Drinks the wrong wine
Bad dad
Has comeuppance
He say
"I stab you back, Laertes"
Got to be the end since all these folks ceased to be.
Dead together
Ends our
©2009 Warren Baker

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