Saturday, November 7, 2009


(to David Bowie's Heroes)

I wanted Greek
Something to drink.
We’re seeing
What’s on the way
Where can we eat them?
A local café?
We wanted gyros,
A single entrée.

And then
In India there
A man
He pointed the way.
Cause we were hungry,
And that was a fact
Yes, we’re tourists,
Without a map

It’s raining,
Monsoon kind of weather
And his arm raised,
We saw a doorway
“Here there be gyros!”
Tastes better than leather
Here in Bombay

We travel a lot.
There in Oslo,
Where it never gets hot
That something,
When we’re feeling weaker
Can we find them?
We’ll ever endeavor
Oh, where to eat gyros
Here in Norway?

We were in France
The French,
They look good in pants.
And eating,
To them it’s child’s play.
We wanted gyros
Not a fillet
Can we find them
On Champs-Élysées?

Off the port bow
(off the port bow)
Near the hull
(near the hull)
The captain said to board her
(let’s go board her)
And we beamed down,
To a ship that was small
(it was way small)
And their crew,
Well, we thought they had died.
And then I dreamed of,
Some flavors to savor
Do these guys have gyros
On Botany Bay?

Let’s go have gyros.
Let’s go have gyros.
Let’s go have gyros.
And maybe not pay.
Let’s go have gyros.

We’re dreaming
And scheming of ways.
It gives our lives meaning,
We’ll travel out of our way
Yes, we prefer gyros
Not some old soufflé.
©2009 Warren Baker

Photo from Posti's Pizza of Evans City, PA

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